License our most popular show ever!



The Holiday Comedy by Dennis Wickline
$75 per performance
Available for production
anywhere outside a 75-mile
radius of Detroit, Michigan

Broadway Onstage Live Theatre is pleased to begin offering the Holiday Comedy by Dennis Wickline, THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS, for production by other groups outside a 75-mile radius of Detroit, Michigan. THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS is the most popular show ever presented at Broadway Onstage Live Theatre and tells the story of a retirement community's efforts to present a new holiday production. Originally premiered in December of 2001, the comedy has been presented every December since then to great acclaim at Broadway Onstage. A second production of THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS was also licensed in 2004 by The Midland Theatre Guild, which presented seven sold-out performances in early November of 2004 at the Midland Center for the Performing Arts. The Midland production was directed by Denyse Clayton, Mr. Wickline's sister. There have been several other productions by other groups, in Saskatune, Canada, in Kentucky, and other locations in Michigan.

THE NUTCRACKER'S NUTS takes place in the Northern Lower Penninsula. Simon's Rest is a retirement community in Frankfort, Michigan. Every Christmas the residents perform their traditional, boring, and harder and harder to produce version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Every Christmas, that is, except this one. Minnie Winchester, an elderly piano teacher, suggests that the residents do something new, something like THE NUTCRACKER. Everyone agrees that it would be wonderful to try something new and THE NUTCRACKER is accepted immediately. Tickets are quickly sold out. Just as rehearsals begin, however, the retirees discover one important and overlooked detail, THE NUTCRACKER is a ballet, and Minnie Winchester, a rather rotund lady who always wanted to play Clara, the lead, doesn't know how to dance. Royalty rate is $75 per performance.

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